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Helping the Homeless

Funding Parks




Funding our roads

Fixing and maintaining our roads, paving over 1,000 miles of road fixed 10,000 potholes, funding (with voter approval) our huge stormwater backlog, 

Making Colorado Springs more inclusive

In Colorado Springs, the best public policy decision’s are made when everyone is at the table. I am proud to have expanded this growing table, ensuring that everyone’s voice is rightfully heard. The more inclusive we are, the better our city becomes.

Closing Drake Power Plant

As the most vocal Member of Colorado Spring’s Utilities Board worried about Climate Change, we decided to close the Drake Power Plant by 2023, stop burning Coal at Nixon by 2030, reduce our Carbon emissions by 80% by 2030, and invest hundreds of millions of dollars in solar farms, wind power, conversion of methane gas emissions from wastewater as well as building Colorado’s largest battery storage system for energy.

Protecting and funding our Parks

Protecting our parks and open spaces, including 1000’s acres of open space including Coral Bluffs (one of the most important Paleontological sights in the world).

Solidified Colorado Springs as Olympic City USA

Colorado Springs will continue to be known across the country as Olympic City USA because our Olympic spirit embodies it. I am proud to have cement the success and future completion of the downtown stadiums and arena parts of our City for Champions vision.

Supporting Small Businesses

I am very proud to have been part of this Council, this Mayor and our dedicated City and Public Safety employees to help create 10’s of thousands of new, good paying jobs, making Colorado Springs’ economy and job market one of the best and most desirable in the nation.

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